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Originally Posted by Munchkin03 View Post
Well, I took his advice and if I ever needed to go outside (this was back when you could smoke in fraternity houses in RI) or to the bathroom, I would just chug the rest of what I had.

That was clearly not that Papa had in mind.

On a safety note:

Always make sure that someone knows where you're going when you leave!

Just a safety thing, that way if you don't come home in the AM or something, someone knows where you said you were going.

Example: If you tell your roomie that you were headed to work and would be home at 8 PM, then she knows to be concerned if it gets to be like 3 AM and you're still gone.

Or if you write on your whiteboard "out at Sig Ep xoxo," and someone notices the next day that it's like 4pm, they haven't seen you, and you haven't been to classes or work, they know the last place you went.

Most of the time, if you're late coming home, it's probably no big deal (girls stay over after parties and stuff all the time).

But you just never know.

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