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What went wrong with your wedding?

I thought this could be a fun thread because we all know that no matter how much you plan and spend, something won't go exactly how you planned it!

Here's mine, from my second wedding:

Everything was planned, dress was ordered, photographer, DJ, caterer, location, church! It was all done. I decided to use a florist who was very close to my home. It was about a month before the wedding and I drive past the strip mall where the florist is and I noticed that the windows are blank and the place looks empty! I pull into the parking lot and read a note on the door that says they went out of business!!!! They had my deposit! They didn't call me or anything! I was in a panic. I dashed home and called the number on the receipt I had. They reassured me that they would still do my flowers and would bring them to that shop when I needed to pick them up ,etc. I was quite nervous about it the whole time though. It worked out find, but they sure gave me a big scare!
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