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Originally Posted by GreekOne View Post
If each fraternity is permitted 10 socials/semester and there are 45 fraternities, that is 450 events. If the 22 NPC groups are each permitted 10, that is 220 socials. The question becomes who do the fraternities social with the other 230 times?? This is why they turn to groups that are outside of NPC.

And therefore, the suggestion that this imbalance provides opportunity for underground/local groups to thrive. Especially when they don't have any restrictions on the number of social events that they can plan.
My understanding was that the socials were more like weekend parties that were open than specific closed events limited to members of certain sororities or invited dates, but I don't know now where I read that. I just remember it being a misleading term.

There's also no schools near Penn State (that I know of), but I suppose schools near each other might find it a more valid option. I know the NPHC groups at the school I work at routinely attend each other's social events, but that's a different ball of wax.
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