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Coming from the perspective of having been cut and/or dropped, I can see right through these girls resentment and bitterness. Its jealousy. Greek life at LSU is such that it makes the social scene like one big high school again. And the Greeks are the "haves" and the non-greeks are the "have nots" And unfortunately, a lot of the stereotypes are very true here. '

Granted, I have greek friends that are wonderful girls, I work with a DG and she's awesome (she even lives in the new subdivision I just moved to ) but a lot of them...well, lets just leave it at they're questionable.

I just hope your daughter doesn't distance herself too much from the girls that dropped. It will only reinforce their resentment and bitterness to have the "cool girls" i.e., the sorority women reject them.

Overall, how is your daughter feeling with the Greek system?
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