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Boy, there's a lot to say on this. I'll break it down.
The girls who dropped- Two of the girls have all but disappeared. For the others, there is regret. They see how active Greek life is at LSU and how many activities there are and have resentment to those who completed the process. On one hand, they say things that have already been posted referring to stereotypes. However, they go to Greek Night at the local club and then criticize those who have expanded their circle of friends.

The girls who were cut-Only one has gone out and expanded beyond her original friends and touches base with everyone. The others, all of the above, but add varying degrees of bitterness.
A few in particular have taken up a crusade against any association that "allows/promotes" drinking, even if those indulging are of legal age. It has become a moral issue. They reamed my daughter at lunch one day and she said, "When you see your sister in a situation where she might make a fool out of herself, you don't leave her or preach to her, you take her to the bathroom and hold her hair back...that's what sisters do." Of course that's just one line she said that stuck in my mind. My daughter never was a drinker, perhaps she has changed, but I doubt to a degree that would cause me too much concern for now.( As a side note, two of these girls have joined a religious based group)

The girls who pledged-They are all very happy. (2 still wish they were in a different soro but are glad that at least they ARE in one)
If I may add, the beauty of DG to her is the fact that her choices of friends aren't limited to just DG. Her circle includes DG of course, KKG, KAT, ZTA, Pi Phi and KD. She has distanced herself from the ones who "told her off". Some of the others from her HS don't interact beyond their own sorority. In their defense, the activities may be overwhelming and therefore limit their time.

All in all, those who expected, OR WERE TOLD they should be
XYZ took it the hardest and carry the most resentment.
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