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Re: advice after the cuts

Originally posted by pinkmom
Perhaps someone can provide some words of wisdom to ease my breaking heart for my daughter. My daughter went through rush at UGA but dropped out after second rounds. She is a Phi Mu legacy plus had recs for Phi Mu from several sisters and recs for four other groups. She did not receive a invite back after second round to any of these groups but did receive them from other groups without any "connections". What concerns me the most is some comments that were made such as " what a cute dress- what size is that?" and "your hair is so curly - are you Jewish?". Hopefully someone out there can help me as I struggle through this.
Reminds me of the house on my campus that asked everyong, "So, what does your dad do for a living?" Not mom, just dad. HOW is that at all relevant to whether or not a girl will be at home in your house??? Beats me. I just thought it seemed spoiled and materialistic.

But, I'm so sorry that happened to her. Those are both questions that do not need to be asked during rush (at least not in that way).
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