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Originally Posted by KDCat View Post
It's a little late for that. Whatever they do is going to be seen as reactive, and rightly so.
Not if they band together and create some proactive programs. As it is, something ghastly happens, it is exposed, and Nationals step in and close chapters and pull pins. That is a consequence but is not creating protocols for addressing the problem directly and putting into place preventative measures.

I think what we all need to understand is rightly or wrongly the Greek system is seen as a locus of the problems. We need to be part of the solution. And through our actions, not just our words.

Where are chapter advisors addressing the problem of fraternities supplying alcohol to minors in their houses, not to mention date-rape drugs? What protocols are in place for those who know these kinds of things are going on in their houses but say or do nothing to stop it? Where are the sorority chapter advisers insisting on very clear cut guidelines for members to protect themselves? Where is the support for members who have been raped and being fearful of filing charges against the perps?
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