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Originally Posted by kaeb View Post
Erin—I'm so sorry to hear that! That really sucks, and there's no way around it. All I can say is that you seem to have an awesome attitude, and I hope your story ends as well as mine did. It's horrendous being there, but you have to be strong (which I'm sure you are!) and know that you are a wonderful, valuable woman, and these women are missing out on you, big time. Hopefully they'll come to their senses soon!

Re: John Green, I'll mention them by their YouTube names: owlssayhoot & BooksAndQuills. I think those are/were their handles? I'm so used to referring to them by their rl names!
Thank you so much! I don't think I've seen anything from BooksAndQuills, but I love owlssayhooot! I was a huge FiveAwesomeGirl fan back in the day (2008, lol).