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BUT I'm sure I speak for several posters here when I say you've returned the favor and given us a laugh - you've hit just about every helimom cliche', from the "I hope you don't belong to MY sorority" (and if it makes you feel any better, I hope you aren't in mine!) to "ladies - and I'm using the term loosely" type insults directed to us all, even those who have only tried to offer comfort and a possible explaination.
I don't think this person is for real, for the reasons stated above, and also for the terrible grammar, misuse of words, etc. (unless she's just so upset she can't think straight). But, what tipped me off that this must be a faker is the Country Club comment - any person who truly is in a CC would not make such a stupid comment.

This is just a joke, has to be, it is just too over the top to be legitimate!! But, if it is real - then, from one mother of teenagers and young adults (so I qualify) to another - you need to seriously get a grip...
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