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In general I think could be a useful thing, but one issue I see with your post is that all those statements presume things. And people, in my experience, don't respond well if you approach them when you presume something.

Example: Family issues going on. The member might be sensitive about whatever is going on - that is, IF something is going on - and approaching her could present a new problem.

Example: Member acting "inappropriately". That has to be defined because what you think is inappropriate - even flirting with another person's boyfriend - might not be seen as inappropriate by others. Or maybe her way of chatting up a guy isn't actually flirting in the way you think it is.

I agree with another poster about making questions open-ended but I think you might also want to consider that your examples presume things. I think this might be better done with a communications expert/mental health professional who's a skilled facilitator.

Lastly, have you asked the chapter if they want this specific type of workshop?
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