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It's always fun to recognize past pageant titleholders when they are on the radio/tv and discover their post-pageant accomplishments.

Last week on the national tv news, I noticed a Dr. Jen Caudle giving facts for a medical story. I immediately recalled she had been Miss Iowa twenty years ago in The Miss America Pageant.

Several past Miss America contestants are/have been recent national news correspondents (Roxana Saberi and Trish Regan come to mind).

This year when Fran posted Lauren Molella as New York's Miss America contestant, I recognized her last name and googled to find she's a niece to Lisa Molella, Miss New York 1989.

And although I don't know her post-pageant accomplishments, in about 2003 Christy May (Miss Mississippi 2000) was seen sitting among the Tonight Show's audience when Jay Leno spoke to a few audience members (but not Christy).

The Miss America Scholarship Pageant awards funds to many deserving young women, and will soon celebrate their 100th anniversary!
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