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Originally Posted by AnchorAlumna View Post
I dunno.

At my SEC school, it's like the "tiers" are set in concrete reinforced by rebar and encased in steel. The top, middle, and lower tiers, with just a tiny bit of shifting within tiers, are the same now as they were in 1971.

It doesn't seem to matter what women do or achieve, they don't change.

And Panhellenic has traditionally been all about enforcing that. Informally, of course.
Do you know whether the members of your 1971 top tier groups made the most of their lives by becoming involved sorority alums? Did women in those top tier groups have better marriages, better children, and lead better lives than women from your lowest tier groups? And whether they did or did not, so what?

No NPC sorority has folded since 1971 (the year Iota Alpha Pi dissolved). That indicates every NPC group holds a strength of purpose and industry despite when some may rate them as a lower tier!

ALL current NPC groups have thrived for between 102-168 years. Each group contributes mightily to our NPC organization for the betterment of educated women, notwithstanding each group maintaining distinct and individual reasons for living within/learning about/giving to the world.

One reason women join a sorority is that united with others you can offer the world more. There are women of the 1971 sorority class from within every tier group who will tell you they have experienced self-defined good lives, and the world is no worse for their having lived.
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