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Arrested Recruitment

With schools preparing for/finishing up recruitment, I thought it might be fun to share my recruitment story from last winter! I attend a large school in the Northeast with 8 NPC sororities, and although I had prepared by stalking GreekChat, I hadn't gone to any Meet the Sisters events or secured any recs (except for my aunt's sorority). In addition, my best friend had just gone through rush at a certain insanely competitive Midwestern school, had SIPed, and had not received a bid. With this in mind, I started rush knowing any bid was a bid I would accept, to keep an open mind, and to not, under any circumstance, suicide!

I'll be calling the chapters after characters in my favorite TV show, Arrested Development!

BUSTER: This was the house every PNM wanted going in. I didn't know anything about their philanthropy, sisterhood, or vibe, but I was intrigued.

MICHAEL: Going into rush, I thought Michael was my home. There was a religious connection, I loved their house, and I had met many empowered strong Michael sisters I looked up to first semester. Before rush even started, I anticipating running home to Michael.

LINDSAY: Lindsay was the newest sorority at my school. All I had heard about them was that they didn't have a house during recruitment (although they would the following school year).

TOBIAS: Tobias is very strong nationally, and I had Tobias friends at many other schools. However, their reputation wasn't as strong at my school, and I had heard some unflattering things from other PNMs.

GOB: Gob was also very strong nationally, but had a stigma at my school. I really connected with their philanthropy, and was excited to hear more about their charity work!

GEORGE MICHAEL: I knew a lot of PNMs wanted George Michael, but I wasn't connecting with their philanthropy and didn't feel I would fit in. They did have one of the prettiest houses, and I was excited to go in!

MAEBY: This was my aunt's sorority, and I got the feeling it would mean a lot to her if I pledged. However, this was considered one of the 'top' houses and had a reputation for attracting partiers. I wasn't sure if I would fit in here, or if they would be able to see me as a potential sister.

LUCILLE: Lucille was another house that I was attracted to before recruitment. I loved their philanthropy, I had met a lot of amazing Lucille women first semester, and their house was absolutely the most gorgeous on campus.

Up next... first round!

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