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Sorry to tell you, but Bid Day went technically perfectly. Now please remember that if you were invited to pref round, then all three of those houses would have gladly welcomed you as a member. But they pref way more girls than they can offer bids to. Each house formulates a ranked list. Some girls automatically get a top spot--legacies, sister is in the house, daughter of high ranking alumni, those couple of girls that every chapter wants, etc.. Beyond that, the names get placed. I know that in my daughter's chapter there is a A list and a B list. Some of the favorite girls end up on the B list because the A list fills up quickly. Its not that the A list are the only names they want! No, lots of favorites are on the B list! Long story short, you may have been ranked higher up on the chapter that offered you a bid. It doesn't mean that your fave house didn't want you. They did, and Im sure many members were crushed when they didn't hear your name read aloud when the bid list was revealed. It happens all the time. Please be happy and grateful for the bid that you received. By the way, the general membership usually has NO IDEA how specific people are ranked or who dropped who!! What that active member told you was very inappropriate.

Good luck! Hey, you got into a sorority ! Be happy! Read the 'It gets Better" link!!
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