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Originally Posted by lillyluv93 View Post
hey y'all! so I need a little bit of advice. I rushed at my school in the fall as a transfer. Every thing was going perfect up until bid day. I lasted till pref night at my top 2 choices and my 3rd house was obviously the house I did NOT want to get in. I wont say I got bid promised but lets just say I had no reason what so ever to believe they weren't going to put me at the top of their list.

>>Why? Were you at the membership selection meeting? There is no way you can be sure of anything that happens behind close doors during recruitment.

Bid day came and well....I got matched with my 3rd choice. I automatically knew something was wrong because literally my top 2 houses did and said everything to me for me to believe they wanted me real bad!

>>Of course they did. Just because you matched your 3rd choice first doesn't mean that they didn't want you "real bad". It might mean that #3 wanted you the most.

2 weeks after bid day I found out that my FIRST choice had me on THEIR first choice..

>>A. How would you know that? B. It doesn't matter that you were on their "first list" if #3 had you higher on that list.

yet I still somehow got matched with my last house? It was a "I thought you dropped us, no I thought you dropped me!" kinda thing. So obviously I was beyond upset that somehow I got screwed over SO bad.

>>No, you didn't get "screwed over".

how could this of had even happened?

>>My guess is that #3 placed you higher on their bid list.

And I also believe my 2nd choice had me on their first list as well considering it appeared as though they wanted me even more than my other houses.

>>Again, how would you *know* this?

so my question is..although Im not too sure if I want to go through the whole process again, if I do I'm scared the 2 houses that I actually wanted to get into (that I lasted till pref when I rushed) will think I dropped them the day before bid day when I rushed and automatically drop me. One of them actually knows I got screwed over but I want the other house to know as well. Any advice?! thanks and sorry for a long post!
So you're running around campus crying about how you were "screwed over"? I think you pretty much blew any future chances during recruitment. How disrespectful and tactless.

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