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Originally posted by librasoul22

Now, I don't know if this one has been mentioned, but I love the movie (pardon this vague description, lol) where this guy murders his wife in their bedroom. The part that I remember most was when his parents have come to stay at his house when the police start suspecting him. The police search the house and dust it all over with this glowing stuff that detects blood. Luminol or something. Anyhoo, it shows the parents sleeping and then all of the sudden the mom wakes up and screams. The WHOLE room is glowing (the guy killed his wife in that room and the blood was everywhere). Whatever movie that was, it was THE BOMB. I think it might have been the one CT4 was talking about with Val Bert. Then again, I don't know because the same people act in all the movies, lol.

That's the movie. Girl that bedroom scene was sho nuff freaky. Read the book.
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