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Originally Posted by LizzieBee View Post
If any veteran GCers could possibly help me find recs for my competitive ACC school, please PM me! (Yes, I have already scoured the Greek Life website, as well as each chapter's local site, and while it does have an address of where to send recs, it offers absolutely no help as to whom I should obtain them from).
Best ways to find recs:

*Absolutely EXHAUST ALL of your personal contacts. You never know WHO is a sorority alumna or KNOWS a sorority alumna who may be willing to write recs.

Who should you ask?

Family members (cousins, etc)
Parents' friends/coworkers (even Dad's friends)
women in your church/temple/etc.
Former camp counselors and such

This isn't an all inclusive list, but it should get you started.


*Contact the alumnae panhellenic closest to you:

Many of them routinely help with recs (esp. if they are near a competitive school). They will let you know what they need from you (info, resume, etc) in order to help.
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