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I'm still a new member myself, so I'm not sure about badge trends over the years in my chapter, but I have been noticing that there's a wide range of badges among the actives right now - but that, for the most part, the girls who aren't as active, don't come to as many events, etc., tend to have the simplest badge, while the sisters who are really involved, hold official positions, do a lot for the chapter, etc., tend to have jeweled badges.

The fee for the most basic, unjeweled badge was part of our new member fees, and it wasn't an option - everyone had to get one. It never even occurred to me that there might be organizations were it would be optional. But we were shown all the possible upgrades and, if we wanted to order a snazzier badge, we just had to pay the difference. The sisters stressed that there was no stigma either way - it was totally up to us, just that "some girls like having the jeweled badges, but it doesn't matter, it's completely your choice."

They were definitely making sure we didn't feel like we had to pay extra beyond what we'd already known we would be paying upfront, which I appreciate, but I think for most of us the extra cost didn't seem like very much, and several of us have ordered the jeweled badges (mostly, I think, sapphire & pearl or just sapphire). For myself, I ordered mine with enamel on the letters (which doesn't cost extra - among our chapter I think it's about evenly balanced, who got enamel and who didn't, and it's purely a matter of personal taste) and alternating sapphires & pearls (sapphire is my birthstone, so it's extra special to me). It's the same design that my NM chair wears, so I've had the chance to see it up close, and it's just beautiful. I can't WAIT to get to wear it as an active Kappa!!
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