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Originally Posted by SydneyK View Post
This is sad to me. I love my plain pin just as much as my jeweled one. It means just as much to me, if not more, since it's the first pin I got. I hope there aren't alumnae who looked at my beautiful, but plain, diamond pin and shook their heads, hoping to return to a "pleasant" pin stage. This "poverty" pin is one of my greatest treasures, and is plenty pleasant to me.
FWIW, I never, ever heard our plain pin referred to as "the poverty pin" until GreekChat. What's important to most ADPis is the black diamond in the middle - just as our pins come in so many different options, our sisterhood includes women from many different backgrounds as well. In the end, we're all sisters.

Some chapters will only allow aquamarine, blue topaz, or sapphire points, but most will allow almost anything, including opals, and most birthstones.
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