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"My baby girl is rushing!" -FSUMummy

Hello all!

My little girl has left the nest and will begin rush this upcoming weekend! I am not a greek and have joined this site in hopes of being able to provide my daughter with any guidance she may need during this process.

I know a very little about the Greek System as I went to college abroad but wholeheartedly support the idea of her rushing. The main source of my information is from my longtime friend who was/is Greek but went to a very small school. Her rush experiences (she was a Rho Chi as well) varies greatly from what I have read on these boards.

Fortunately, she secured two rec letters, one from my friend and another from a relative. Unfortunately (I guess), they were for the same organization. She a little stressed out about this because she says it's a very competitive process, and girls are often left without an invitation. I have no idea. The literature I received from the school states otherwise. Any truth to this?

The only bit of advice I've given her so far (besides be yourself) is to visit the sororities' websites. I think that should at least familiarize her with each organization's goals, etc.

I plan to report back after she calls me each night. Hopefully, no "crisis" will occur, but if it does, I'd appreciate any feedback y'all could give.

Looking forward to it!

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