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Originally Posted by AZTheta View Post
Ah, yes, the late spring drama/ugliness surfaces like clockwork. I say this as a long-standing advisor. First time I witnessed it was way back in college. By this point in the academic year, everyone is sick and tired of each other. Iím serious. Tempers are short and fuses even shorter. Takes nothing for sisters to get ugly.

Seconded, and the grass will probably not be greener elsewhere. She needs to seriously analyze the trouble and where it's coming from. If it's seniors (and in my experience, it often is - people acting out because they're afraid of the future), their days are numbered and they won't be back.

Either way, the chapter/sorority can't address the matter if she fails to make her concerns known to those who are designated to help solve these problems. She should discuss the matter with an advisor and, if she's comfortable enough with them, members who are officially tasked with chapter relations matters (whether it's a specific officer or committee member). In our sorority, we had a small committee including elected non-officers, a CR officer, and an advisor that was available to privately meet with members to discuss this type of thing. It worked well in most instances.

The student should also consider what her contribution to the situation might be. I get the feeling that she's still pretty new, what with the big sister drama and all, and may be having trouble adjusting to the reality that not everybody's going to be best friends.

If recruitment just ended (was in informal? This seems like a weird time, but I'll accept it at face value), that might have something to do with the tension. Sometimes group activities have a bonding effect, other times the stress brings out the worst in people. If numbers are low and there's constant pressure to recruit, then it's natural to expect that everybody's on edge.

And, if she's not living in yet, or is so busy that she's often begging out of chapter activities, then of course she's not going to feel like she's a central part of the chapter...because she isn't. Depending on the circumstances, some members might be justifiably annoyed if they feel like she's never around.
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