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I go to all the mandatory events, and reach out to sisters - asking if they want to go eat, study, etc. but they always ignore me. At the events I get involved, and sit with the girls yet they never include me in conversation, and when I try to speak up they always talk over me. It's not just as simple as "put yourself out there/make an effort". I do, yet it always fails. Everybody in my sorority has their cliques, yet I somehow missed out on finding mine. Also the president and VP Membership dislike me, and I've even heard of them talking behind my back. I want so much to have a group of lifelong friends and sisters, but unfortunately no matter how hard I've tried, it just doesn't ever work out. I've messaged nationals about it and they haven't replied even though I messaged them over a month ago. Also, the VP Membership and Pres dislike me so much they make it a point to find me in meeting, or other events where we're supposed to have our PACE Face on/be all made up, hair done, dress, heels etc. and they'll point out to me that me makeup isn't just right, or hair needs to be better curled or etc. also one time we had an informal meeting and it was comfort/pj themed so everybody came in without makeup and etc. and I get called out because apparently I don't look good to them without makeup on because I have mild rosacea, even though I think I look bomb af. I mean isn't a sorority supposed to be instilling confidence in others? Because according to what I've experienced, it's not.
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