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Originally Posted by ForeverRoses View Post
I was having this discussion with a few of my actives last night. And MY personal biggest issue with the IU sorority system is the fact that fraternities are the ones that seem to determine the "tiers". Certain fraternities will refuse to "pair" with some of the sororities. And if the sorority ticks off the fraternity in some way, they will threaten to stop "pairing" with them. It is ridiculous.
The women were shocked when I told them how at my school, greek week pairs were a random draw- so you had to pair with whomever you were assigned or you didn't participate. I believe that is how my alma mater does homecoming pairs now as well.
Spot on comment with the fraternities having the power to make or break the sororities. I like the idea of a random draw. I think many of the sororities and fraternities would be surprised by each other. IU sororities need to take that power back. That's a big reason less secure women drop.

I do understand IU using RFM for invitations (my post was unclear) - but I would like to see quota total as (almost?) every other Greek life community uses. IU Panhel has done "just enough" to end the majority of the criticism they were facing even just 2 years ago, but I hope they keep moving forward with recruitment and community.

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