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All depends on policy of that particular sorority re: legacies.

I've always instructed people that if you choose to SIP make sure you know they want you that badly and that you are okay not getting a bid at all.

But really though, if she loved her legacy house enough to ONLY put them, I can guarantee she is not just like Regular Legacy Laura.

When you are dealing with a competitive recruitment, there are some unspoken levels to legacies, y'all.

Regular Legacies = Her legacy connection went to a different school. Her legacy connection is not involved or significant in any way. Probably only one generation.

Priority Legacies = Her legacy connection is advising. Or her legacy connection is super involved locally or nationally. Her legacy connect(s) went to THAT school and pledged THAT chapter. Bonus priority: legacy connection is currently active. Legacy connection donates.

Example: So there are 2 XO Legacies rushing at Big Southern University.

Legacy #1 - Legacy through her mom. Mom went XO at Small Western College. Was basically a "just college thing." Does not attend any Big Southern Town Alumnae Chapter events. Only stays connected with like, 4 Small Western XOs on FB, but is all in a tizzy over daughter going to Big Southern and going XO.

Legacy #2 - Legacy via mom and sister. Mother attends Big Southern Town Alumnae Chapter events and has since they moved to Big Southern Town. Big Sister is currently Big Southern XO's VP of Finance. Mom is regular XO donor and has donated to the Big Southern XO capital campaign to renovate the house.

One of these legacies is not like the other and one of these people is probably more comfortable SIP-ing their legacy house. One of these people also has a better shot at that legacy house given multiple legacies and limited spaces. You can guess which.
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