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Good threads about COB?


I am trying to explain COB to members of a professional fraternity as a means of recruitment for our collegiate chapter(s).

Right now, I am trying to convince them that because they are rooted in certain academic disciplines, their primary recruitment should be through building relationships and having programs/activities that are not exclusively for recruitment purposes.

Examples: I think they should be inviting friends they know are artists to their events, making announcements at the beginning or end of certain classes, and asking the departments to send mailings on their behalf. (In the colonial days when I was an undergrad, student groups used to be able to request campus mailing lists and email lists from the registrar--not like that anymore)

Right now, they feel "married" to the campus practice of having informational meetings during a certain time of the semester, and essentially abandoning recruitment any other time of the semester.

For ME, I have literally always believed in one-to-one recruitment, even in APO as an undergrad.

ANYWAY, rambling now... are there any good threads from organizations which mainly do COB? Or other threads with tried and true one-to-one recruitment ideas?

I already know about PhiredUp. I just want to read GC threads at this moment.
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