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Originally Posted by Stemo984 View Post
---Okay, so I signed up for a Panhellenic group in my area. Fortunately, a lot of alumnae live near me. I also got an Internship at Rice University, do you/everyone think that would make me stand out from the rest?
Re: standing out. Remember, most girls going through recruitment will have outstanding resumes, great personalities, dressed very well, etc. It's extremely competitive at a school like UT as you have pointed out so many resumes are filled with just as many amazing things.

My experience is that the best way to stand out, past having the best resume you can have and getting solid recs, is to genuinely look to connect with the girls in each house. Focus on getting to know them, be a good conversationalist, don't be a conversation hog. Dress your best. Be eager and excited but not desperate. I've seen girls want to be in a house so badly that you could sense it and that's a sure way to turn members off.

I'll end with this advice: be committed, but detached. Yes, want to be in a sorority with all your heart, but also go and enjoy the process with no attachment to any house or even to being Greek. You really have to "let go" and enjoy it, that's how you'll do your best. Good luck.

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