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Hello everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could help me out with my current predicament. I am currently a sophomore at my university. At my university we have deferred recruitment and I am thinking of going through recruitment. However, I also want to apply to a program for a specific major at another university that is more geared to my future career goals. If I got into this university I would be entering in Fall 2018. If I do manage to get into this other program, would I be able to affiliate with the same NPC organization at my new university? (assuming they have whatever chapter, if they don't I am aware I am never allowed to join another.) Another thing is that I have a few friends that go to the university with the program that I want to transfer to and they say that you have to live the chapter house at that university. How would this work for a junior?? I know there is a lot of uncertainty here, and there may even be a chance I stay at my current school if I have a change of heart. Is it looked down upon to have only been an active member for a semester before transferring? Thank you.
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