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Originally Posted by carnation View Post
I think if AST presents it like that, pro-life women will be offended and a whole new can of worms will be opened.

Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
I mean, whatís going to be next? We canít have a convention in a city where pot is legal? We canít have a convention in a city where the Ten Commandments are on a plaque at City Hall? You are never going to make everyone happy in a national group. If they want to make a statement, there are far better ways to do it.

Originally Posted by Rod D View Post
Non political organizations (those that have members of all views) shouldn't make convention location decisions based on political issues. Find the best spot and enjoy the convention.

Originally Posted by navane View Post
All we did was shoot ourselves in the foot by turning down a critical training opportunity in order to virtue signal.
All of these. I am so SICK of everything being politicized.
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