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New guy:

Well for a first date. I would like to meet and greet. Because you need to see if you like each other first. Before you go out spending all of your money and time. Some women feel the man should have to pay for everything. That's not cool. Some women like to go out and spend your money . But the hole time don't even like you. I like to meet and greet. And if we have a second date we go from there. Because i like kids. But i don't play. Only time can tell what's going to happen next.I don't like when a lady play games and try to make you wait hella long before you make love. I don't do friends first. I like takeing long walks to the bed. Just keeping it real. : o). If we go on 3 dates and nothing happens. It won't be a 4th date. I like to keep a long story short. I like to test drive the car before i buy it.Bet all the men put lies up on there profile. But i'm keeping it real. If we fall in love and get married that's a good thing. Hope you find what you looking for. Good luck. ;o)

No. I don't think. We're a good fit. Because you sound. Not my type.

He wrote a msg that said, "call me at 123-456-7890." I wrote back "No, thanks."

ETA: Aaaand the oh-so mature response:

Ok big girl! I had a lot of cupcake and ice cream for you! How much you weight 300 pounds? All I wanted to do is hit and run. Have a nice life big girl!

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"We have letters. You have dreams." ~Senusret I

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