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You are undiscribable. The light in your eyes and what I feel when I see you., your parents did good work.

Know that I treasure you, you are very special. I don't know where you stand in life or in your mind how you feel, but if you need a real friend, lover, fighter, someone who cares then I'm the 1.

I come from old traditions I understand people how they feel, perspectives and considerate. It is my tradition to be nice, and cherish us humans.
I respect everything in life even when I touch the ground I know I come from there and one day will return to it.
A woman is the same as a home she can bear a child, therefore she is a home (for the baby) and must be respected the same.

About me.
I am from Alexandria, Egypt.
I am German Egyptian I was raised in the Egyptian military. 17 I joined the U.S Military and am qualified Special forces/Sniper/Medic. I fight for the U.S, Egypt, for all countries that need me. I live hard and fast.

My whole life I wanted to be a "Hero" but most Heros I know are dead. Still, that is what I live for.I have this feeling inside me every second I breathe, a feeling stronger then passion, more powerfull then faith, hotter then fire. It is this feeling that weild in my hands.

I love Martial arts and exercise I've been training since age 5. Constantly learning about my self and how to control the machine I am. My skills have been used to save my life and others many times, and it has been a great tool in which to focus my internal being and a major inspiration of my entire life as a whole.

Chalestenichs, gymnastics, weight lifting, running, swimming, scuba and sky diving, shooting, rock climbing, swimming with sharks, jumping off buildings occasionally you know, another "day at the office" I also enjoy good conversation, and the presence of a woman to talk to is not without appreciation.

I love guitar, when I play I can control the sound and release so many feelings its incredible. I try to get a good aspect on life and just try to understand everything for what it is. I also like to just meditate and contemplate everything.
My life is a vast and complex product of this world, but I do my best to enjoy every second of it!! Everyday is another 24 hour chance to improve at anything and everything I do.

I have a titanium plate with 6 screws in a bone in my hand from war. I was shot 3 inches under my heart. I was in a knife fight and got my ankle sliced open. My other ankle was broken in 3 places in a motorcycle accident where I was hit then fell under a moving vehicle and almost died, I have a stainless steel plate and screws in that ankle, among countless exposures to violence this world continues to hurt me yet I remain.
I covered the basics but there is much more. Good luck in trying to understand me better for who and what I am.

I Serve with Honor and Integrity On and Off the Battlefield
The aphorism "as a man thinketh in his heart so is he" contains the secret of life.

I live for 2 reasons..

Thanks for your time, now its your turn..

By the way, I'd love to hold you in my arms and stare into those pretty eyes of yours...

FYI: This small novel is in response to my message which only said:
Aww thank you. I don't think we're compatible as far as what we're looking for but that [compliment] definitely made me smile. :-)
You give a guy the "No, thank you" and he writes you a book. Is this how it's supposed to go?
"We have letters. You have dreams." ~Senusret I

"My dreams have become letters." ~christiangirl
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