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Originally Posted by cinder1965 View Post
From reading the RS article, it sounds like the culture of sexually assaulting women is so deep seeded in the fraternities at UVA that it may be best to abolish the Greek system. I was physically ill after a reading it. This has been going on for decades and clearly there are no adults in charge who have any kind of leadership to address this matter. Good grief, how many more women have to be assaulted? I love my sorority but I love humanity more. This sounds like a lost cause.
For all this stuff to be going on, I agree that there must not be too much leadership helping out. Don't these chapters on campus have advisors? I know very little about UVA and the campus culture but, I feel like having good advisors who have their fingers on the pulse of Greek Life there would be useful. This whole situation is just sad and I hate to see all of Greek Life get painted like this.
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