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Originally Posted by AGDee View Post
My point was:
Men: create a misogynistic term
Women: re-appropriate it positively as a term of endearment
This woman: Still says it's not ok to use that word, it's vulgar

This is a trend across all areas of society that I don't like.
Totally get that aspect of it. And as a woman, you should have a ton of say about how you believe other women should use it, because it's a choice you're making about a negative slur about a part of you.

My understanding and what I was trying to get at with that example there, is that every black person I've ever known feels that it's not for white people to decide whether or not they should use that word positively, negatively, or at all, especially since we created it. And since there are black people all over the spectrum on whether it should be used or not, I'm going to leave it up to them to decide how to use their word and respect the answers they come up with as a community.

All I know as a white man is that I shouldn't be saying it.
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