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AThe Elephant in the Room

There is not one conversation about UT recruitment where the term “Big 6” does not come up. Full disclosure. I don’t like the term. It was created by a lady named Prudence Mackintosh who at the time was writing for Texas Monthly. She named names and called out 6 sororities at UT (it was the 1970s people) and what made them special or not so special. Each of these houses is still special today and so are the 8 others that form the University Panhellenic Council.

There have been many young PNMs who have come and gone pledging their faithfulness to only accept a bid from a “Big 6” to only be disappointed by what they got. The same can be said about the other 8 too. On the other hand, there have been girls that have been disappointed in the moment, that all of the “Big 6” released them, only to pull their head out of the sand long enough to realize that an amazing sisterhood wanted them to be part of their group and her experience was life changing. Reputation is a tricky thing. A good one can cover a flawed sisterhood and a bad one can cover a good one. Step wisely. Trust your heart.
Just to make a point. There are Big 6 houses on campus right now who are taking spring pledges. There are also some "non-big 6" houses taking pledges. There was Big 6 house last spring that took spring pledges. There were some "non-big 6" houses last spring that took spring pledges. To most experienced people in the Greek world, this would be considered a weakness in the formal recruitment class. The Big 6 is not the golden ticket of Willy Wonka fame. Girls can leave for all sorts of reasons, but girls do leave the Big 6 houses after they pledge in the fall because things are not always what they seem. Girls also leave houses across the board. I don't like rankings to begin with, but frankly, most people don't like to go into things to come in last. Ranking houses is a natural thing, but it is so skewed, it can't even be formulated. But if you are dead set on a house that has the reputation of being superior, and then you realize it is all smoke and mirrors; and you feel forced to leave that house, then in the end, you really have lost. It is so important you look past the letters and not only look at the girls in front of you, but also look at the girls beside you. On Pref night the girls standing beside you will be your new member class. If you are in love with the letters and not the girls, you are on a slippery slope.
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