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I like the idea of the sleepovers, but our Greek Life advisor also serves as our Campus Life rule enforcer, so we got in trouble for having a sleepover once. Our school is getting really crazy about "over occupation" and that could result in us losing our tower. Kristen, you heard about our trouble. They are really "in tune" with our organization, which is great, but they regulate us as well. I think that sleepovers are great because it is a such a bonding experience. We could do it in our suite since we have an all Kappa suite(well almost) Also, the e-mail is great. We live off of it, and give the new members the opportunity to do whatever they want pretty much, just as long as it couldn't be considered hazing. Casey did a wonderful job last semester with the NM program. I would be in favor of the car wash, but it would have to be a chapter thing. I really like the secret pals idea too. Now that we can do Big/Lil, I think there can be good ideas around that as well. Don't you think???
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