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Meeting your Brother/Sister/Sorors somewhere you didn't expect

This will be much like the thread where did you see your letters where you didn't expect, except that it will be meeting another member/alum.

I have two stories to get us started.

I went to Tulane/Loyola University for my Spring Break Mission Trip. When we were passing out fliers for a church I saw girls wearing my sorority's shirts. They were from Georgia Southern and were there for a different Spring Break Mission Trip. I didn't get to do the grip with them, but I REALLY wish I had. I now want to meet another sister that I can do the grip with before I graduate college.

The second story is much better. One of my sisters stood up and told us this at chapter. She visited Orlando Studios in Florida for Spring Break. When she went she wore our sorority t-shirt. She "met" Betty Boop and Betty Boop asked my sister where she went to school. She told her and made other small talk. As my sister turned to leave, Betty Boop went to shake my sisters hand. My sister was very confused, until she realized that Betty Boop was doing our grip!!! Betty Boop wasn't allowed to break character to say she was a member of our sorority, and that way she didn't. It was such a neat story to hear!!!
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