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Originally Posted by rockwallgreek View Post
John, I do not understand even a little bit of what you said, but I am very thankful for all you do!!
Let's say you had one chance to write down an important message with some requirement that the pen must not be removed from the paper until complete. You could not make corrections or finish the message if you remove the pen from the paper before you complete it.

Then, while writing, the paper is abruptly yanked away. Now your message is only half written with part of it not legible and that's how it must remain.

That's sort of what happens when there is a power outage with the web server. Anything in the process of being saved when the power is cut might end up a mess / corrupted and only partially saved to the database. Corrupted data could result in some things not working correctly on the website or maybe not at all.

Although I'm not certain, so far it seems that we may be in the clear regarding any data corruption.
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