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Originally Posted by clemsongirl View Post
I have seen CampusDirector goof up badly once before, where it gave a PNM a bid to a chapter she didn't even pref (and yes, we had to pull her out of that chapter's bid day party and bring her to where she really belonged, and yes, that wasn't super pleasant) so I suppose it's possible. Very odd though.
Didn't the chapter have to sign a bid card? I thought it was standard practice for a chapter officer(s) to sign the bid cards (e.g. chapter president, advisor, membership VP) before they are distributed.

OP, I would also leave this alone and continue with the groups you have on your invitation list, and don't spend time and energy on what is likely a goose chase. If the "computer chair" really thought you should have been invited and couldn't find you on the list, she would have already contacted Panhel on behalf of the chapter to see what was going on with the system. Even if you registered late, the system obviously has you registered for you be assigned a rush group, counselor, list of parties, etc.
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