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Shout Out to Greek Chat

Thank you, thank you Greek Chat members for your sage advice. I have been reading many threads over the past two years in preparation for my daughter's recruitment.

She went through recruitment and as we discussed the ups and downs, I kept reminding her to trust the process. The threads on this site that we read helped and kept her focused on what was best for her. She stayed away from the tent talk, and did not disclose to her friends which parties she was attending nor her thoughts about the sororities.

She ended up with a group that is an excellent fit for her and she is thrilled to be a new member of:


I will admit that the process was more than a little anxiety producing for me. I could have used some adult beverages or maybe some Xanax to help with the process.
"When the world says 'Give up,' Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.'"
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