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being that i am a new member (will be initiated this weekend!!! i am so so so excited. this week has been AMAZING so far), the prices are still fresh in my head & the all pearl one is roughly $90. i got the sapphire & pearl one, even though my dream one was the sapphire & diamond badge. i thought i would be able to persuade my mom, as she is a kappa & it is something she holds close to her heart, but no such luck. i guess i'll just have to wait until i can buy it on my own.

i have grown up to my mom making references to kappa, singing songs, doing the knock on my door in the mornings(without me realizing what it was), having fleur di lis wallpaper in our bathrooms, etc. so i know how important badges are because my mom wouldn't let me put it on & always said if anything ever happened to her it had to be buried with her or sent back to HQ. the other day i got the bright idea to go on ebay to see whether there were any kappa badges up there & i was shocked to see 4 current listings. does headquarters happen to try and get ahold of these or is it up to one of us to buy it?

anyway, i am so excited to finally wear the golden key like my mom. & i know my mom is just as excited (if not more) as i am. she always told me to keep my options open & that it didn't matter where i ended up, just as long as i was happy...but deep down i know she REALLY wanted me to go kappa.
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