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Originally Posted by pinksequins View Post
From your posts, I can assure you that my reasoning is far superior to yours. The questionable judgment and poor grammar (continuing in your second post) suggest that you are neither a strong student nor prospective parent. Good luck to you on your journey on the road to adulthood.

I completely agree with what others have said about how one writes, even in an online forum, to ask a question like the OP did contributes to readers' favorable or unfavorable perceptions of the questioner. But really, you know nothing about the OP other than what you've gleaned from 3 or so posts, which may or may not be a reliable indicator of his abilities as a student or parent. With no other evidence to go on, his posts suggest nothing other than some carelessness in writing a few posts and uncertainty about what might and might not be doable after parenthood.

Poorly written posts can create a less than favorable impression. Ditto unnecessarily judgmental posts.
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