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Personal Blogs and Kappa

As we approach recruitment time for many chapters, potential new members will be learning about Kappa and other sororities they way any technically savvy gal would - by looking online.

Between Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogger, Friendster and others there are any number of ways active members of Kappa share thoughts and information online with friends and - by the public nature of it - with strangers too. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget that being online (like writing to GreekChat) is a public forum - and not everything people write portrays a good image of Kappa. (such as.....I'm a 18 year old freshman and I got sooooo drunk at the Tappa Alpha Kegga party last night...)

So what to do? Unlike message boards, there is no moderator to prevent undesirable posts. And no one wants to play big brother (sister?) and monitor every site for "bad kappa PR". What's the alternative?

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