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Hello everyone, I am new here and have laughed a lot reading these stories of girls thinking they have the option to choose.

I am actually having the opposite issue with my daughter. My sorority is very good at the school she is attending (SEC school). I have made sure she understands how the process works and made it clear that being a legacy guarantees her nothing. I have also made sure she understands that what was best for me 28 years ago at another university made not be where she finds her home and that this is her chance to really find her fit. There is no pressure to be the same as me.

Here’s where I need advice— we have “friends” that believe that they know everything there is to know about sororities and they have her completely freaked out. They have told her that she will be cut by the other houses because she is a legacy and that my sorority is pretty much impossible to get in to these days. She has friends in 5 of the 8 on campus and she has been working her connections— she has made sure she has a rec for every house and has told everyone that she is very excited about recruitment and going in with an open mind. She looks great on paper and her social media is clean. She’s trying to do everything right and instead of being the girl that is overconfident, she’s the one that thinks she’s going to be cut because of me. My advice to her has been to ignore those folks and to make sure she’s making good conversation in the house and making it clear that she has an open mind. Any other insight? What are your thoughts on her being cut simply because she’s a legacy?
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