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You are not the first dad to ask this site how to prepare his son for rush. For social fraternities only, I suggest the following:

1) When is Rush? I was able to find Chico State's Greek website at It will tell you how to find out about rush (and when it occurs) and had a fair degree of information. It said 12 percent of the students at Chico State are members of Greek organizations.

2) Format/expectation? Unknown. To really know, you will need to know someone who was recently involved at Chico State. Very hard to do unless a recent Chico State alum or current member is on this site.

3) Preparation - How you can help:

Recommendation letters for fraternities. We can only speak for our own experience. My experience was a long time ago. I recall that we received only one recommendation letter from an alum when I was an active. We took that letter very seriously.

Social Media - clean it up.

Clothes - take him to a good store where the sales clerks know what college kids at Chico State are wearing and buy him some new clothes. Also (very important), be sure he knows how to do and does his laundry.

Recognize that it is a different world now - For example, back when fraternities had dinosaurs as mascots, 18 was the drinking age, little sister groups were an important and influential part of the fraternity and, when discovered, homosexuals were kicked out or made to take alumni status. It is a very different world now. So take off any pressure on your son to join immediately. He may want to get to know the lay-of-the-land before jumping into a four-year commitment to any group. He should be cautious and take the time to learn more about the various fraternities (and the people in them) other than just what they want him to know. If he decides to wait, he will know more about each fraternity by spring semester.

4) Unrecognized - Unless there is good reason, stick with the recognized IFC chapters. Typically, both the school and the IFC impose a degree of control, ideals, obligations and rules on the chapters.

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