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Originally Posted by thetalady View Post
First, I think you are getting sorority recruitment mixed up with fraternity rush. AFAIK, fraternities do not generally work with recommendations, as the women do.

I do think fraternities still refer to it as "rush". It is overall far more informal and laid back, than sorority recruitment, with an ENTIRELY different set of rules. The whole thing with resumes and letters of recommendation are generally for sorority rush.

I will leave the rest of your questions to the guys here to handle. I would suggest that you do some Googling to read up on the Greek system at Chico State to check the health of the Greek system there. Good luck!
Thanks for the clarification... yes, it was similar back in my day with rush too, fraternity and sorority rush were two completely different worlds (very casual vs. very formal processes) but my wife says she never had to worry about resumes and recommendations so we were wondering if it was a school specific thing?

Your idea of reading up on Chico State's Greek System is a very good one and we did actually find some tidbits about how poorly it is administered. That's also where my question about 'unrecognized chapters' came from. It doesn't help that Chico State is listed as a top party school, either. But I hope the Greek System is improving and that standards and reforms are in place. My sister was at UC Santa Barbara back when it had the 'top party school' designation and she was able to stay clear of trouble while having a positive sorority experience. I'm hoping for the same for my son.

Thank you again for your feedback, I hope others will chime in too, there's so much great information on this site.
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