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Originally Posted by clemsongirl View Post
Slight hijack, but I don't understand why people would only apply to one or two colleges and not give themselves some backup.
With respect, some of us are first generation college students and had literally no advisement from family or guidance counselors. In the pre-internet era, I was on my own. Today, I would have probably been able to go online and see the "norm." Back, then I applied to 3 random in-state schools and chose the one where I didn't know anyone. Don't recommend picking a school at that basis, but I didn't know any better when I was 17 and no one I talked to about it-- parents, teachers, friends-- advised me any differently.

Similarly, I had no idea what rush was or what a sorority was, and I was completely turned off by the Minnie Mouse-voiced bimbo preaching about Greek Life at my freshman orientation. It wasn't until I met Greeks in my classes that I thought this could be something for me and I rushed the following year (with certain biases and stereotypes in mind, but, thankfully, no Facebook to broadcast those thoughts to).
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