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Katie - I applaus your effort to proactively make a difference with respect to Greek Image.

I am almost certain I heard something recently about NIC researching the possibility of beginning a positive PR campaign. I'm not sure who is running lead on the project, or what the status is - but before you start writing letters to NIC, you might be able to get a head start by doing a little research and finding out about the initiative.

Just a thought,
Brad Bracken
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Originally posted by onekeythatbindsus:
This has been bothering me for a long time, and I just wanted to see if anyone else is as frustrated as I am about this...
I get extremely frustrated with people who are not involved in a sorority or fraternity yet feel the need to make assumptions about greek life and voice them to others.
A few examples:
I was on reading a post on the Sigma Kappa boards where the question "what are sigma's like" was asked. A wide range of replies were posted, but many of them actually "bashed" Sigma Kappa, and made the assumption that every Sigma is the same.
More disturbing:
A very popular television show for highschool as well as college students "Dawson's Creek" I'm sure you've heard of episode at the beginning of the summer, actually I think it was the season finale made a comment that should anger every greek. Dawson was packing up for college when his father said "promise me you won't join a fraternity" And Dawson said, "I can promise you that" That bothered me beyond belief. This particular show reaches almost every teenage student, and comments like that on such popular shows could really do some damage.

Anyone have any thoughts? I have been thinking of writing a letter to the WB network, but I feel like no one will read it, and nothing will be done.

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