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I am in total agreeance!!!(is that a word?) Anyway, I am not a Kappa, but I am an AOPI, and I am very proud to be greek. And I hate it when people get to know me, then when they find out I am greek, say, "oh, you are kidding? You arent the sorority 'type'" whatever that means. and i will admit it, i am 23 years old, and I love Dawson's Creek, but it ticked me off when I heard that comment. And we wonder why memberships are gettting low? Its because of all the 'negative' media. If those people spent one DAY with a chapter and found out not only academically are these groups rewarding, but it helps youth grow as a person. Unfortunantly things like "Animal House" are automatically what people base thier opinion of Greek Life on. They see the bad, not the good of our life. "If you have never been a Greek, then you have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to judge us." Wow, that was my soapbox! Count me

"There are those who did,
and those who wish they had"
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