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Originally posted by GtownGirl98:

2. Along with ads we need to write to Teen Mags about Greek life, talk about rush and hazing, also answer questions that are being asked on here to all of us.

4. We need to return to our high schools and speak with the Sr. class about greek life. I know that my high school had senior days. You can have talk about what you have gained from going greek. Talk about the pride you have on the days you wear letters and when you hear of a sister/brother in the news (I know that everyone I know found out that Amber is an AGD from Survivor 2).

Another thing to express to HS students is that High School Sororities are nothing like College GLO's. I know that some of my sisters weren't going to join a sorority in college because they were either in a HS group or saw the effects of them. Since we have defered rush they were able to see the differences.

a good site to get some good PR out on is "someone" from GC also posts there and would possibly be upset if we all started posting there but...whatever. You become a member, free like GC, and then click on chickboards. There's a lot of various boards but HigherEduc has the most topics about greek life and could REALLY use some good, positive posts about everything. The ages on the board vary depending on the thread, most of the HigherEduc posts are upperclassmen in HS or college's a place to start.

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