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Originally Posted by NYCMS View Post
I don't know of any that are immediate initiation either.

Maybe it was easier to de-pledge someone back in the day - our chapter based it on not making one's grades for two semesters - as well as any super serious standards violations which we never, thankfully, had and I think that's still grounds for de-pledging or even de-activation as we've seen with the Alabama member.

From an academic standpoint, I can understand de-pledging since if someone can't make a 2.0 either semester, then they've got bigger things to handle. Even with this low bar, there were usually 2 or 3 girls who didn't make it - usually from being on their own the first time and not knowing how to manage their time. As I mentioned, my chapter only de-pledged one girl for this in my four years as a member. It was very rare.

And I knew a girl from my hometown whose chapter de-pledged her (also when initiation was 2nd semester) because she was so wild - I mean wild beyond wild - that it became a very serious standards issue. She was given the opportunity several times to clean up her act, but never did. That I can understand and support too.
In my teeny-tiny chapter (25 women total) I only remember depledging one person. She, over the course of several weeks, proved herself nearly unable to tell the truth about anything. I'm not sure we would have been as certain if our pledge period had been only 6 weeks, even with that small a chapter.
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