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Originally Posted by uga View Post
Thank you and I will; I don't think either she fully realizes how competitive this is going to be. She spent the night last year at her first choices house and had a blast; one of the vps has been her mentor since the first day of high school.
Just a caution... one of my high school best friends went into recruitment at UGA with a "favorite" house where she had spent several weekends while in high school. She was beyond devastated when that house cut her after round two of recruitment because she thought it was a perfect fit. She dropped out of recruitment and never joined a sorority. She was still pained by the experience years later when that very same house she had visited and loved and been cut by pledged her younger sister, who had never met any members of the house prior to recruitment.

Make sure your daughter knows that AOII is amazing, but so are the other 16! No matter which one she joins, she will have a blast... as long as she gives them all a chance.
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